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Welcome to COUTUREICONTEST, an icon community and contest where members have the chance to compete against other members in weekly challenges by creating high fashion, stylish and haute couture icons out of equally stylish images.

Thursday: New Challenge & Previous Challenge Results
Tuesday: ALL Entries MUST be Submitted by 9:55pm EST
Wednesday: Voting Posted
RULES are meant to be broken.
• You may only use the pictures provided, however, blending, animations, text, etc. is allowed and highly encouraged.
• Entries MUST fit lj standards (100x100px or 40kb).
• You may submit two entries. When submitting please provide the image(s) and url(s).
• ALL entries must be original work.
• Voting for yourself will result in disqualification.
• ALL entires must remain anonymous until winners are announced.
• And most importantly... HAVE FUN!
COUTURE LIMS are you stylish enough?
LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) Round Two will feature all parts of fashion: editorial, campaigns, runway, red carpet events, ect.

• You must SIGN UP first to be able to compete in the weekly LIMS challenges. This must be done before the first challenge ends.

• You MUST always participate in a challenge until you are eliminated. Missing a challenge will disqualify you from the LIMS contest immediately. If allowed you may use a skip for the challenge. One skip is automatically given, but you can earn another skip by promoting us in a public post. Once you are eliminated/disqualified you are not allowed to participate in the icon portion, but PLEASE stick around and VOTE. Votes are the deciding factor of this game.

• The LIMS will be on the SAME schedule as the regular challenges (see the schedule above).

• The voting will consist of VOTING FOR THE LEAST QUALITY icon. The ones with the MOST negative votes will be eliminated. When voting, you must include some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on what is technically wrong about the icon NO PERSONAL OPINIONS!! You will also be voting for ONE icon in which you favor.

• Like all icon challenges, your icons must remain ANONYMOUS until voting for the round is over.

• REGULAR (NON-LIMS) challenges will continue and we HOPE that LIMS participates will continue participating in those as well as the LIMS challenges.

• To verify that you fully read the rules you need to put "fierce" in your sign-up comment!



WINNER: noirglamour
RUNNER UP: eclecticglamour
STAFF ... couture babies & proud of it!
Jen: heavenlydesire
BANNER MAKERS: You? Apply Here
shim_shim, audioboxxxer, retrodefect & camelliastar
our AFFILIATES are soooooo haute! you better check them out!
We currently have a total of 127 affiliates.a
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