Jen&Leah (hautemod) wrote in coutureicontest,

Challenge #18

Sorry this is late, but I'm extending the challenge for two weeks since next week includes both Canada Day and US Independence Day!

French Vogue: February 2005
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

No. Entries: 07/03

• you may enter up to four(4) icons. comment with images & urls.
• Please use this format for submitting entries

• you may only use the pictures provided, however, blending, animations, text, etc. is allowed and highly encouraged.
• entries must stay within lj standards (100x100px or 40kb).
• entries must remain anonymous until winners are announced. This keeps the voting fair!
• all entries are due by Tuesday, July 8th @ 9:55pm est

• Suggest some of your favourite designers, models and photographers HERE.
• Check out our awesome affiliates HERE.
• Affiliate of the week nic_challenge - featuring Nicole Kidman.

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